Love your mother.

I want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for many. If you are a motherless daughter (like me) and find this to be a challenging time, you can head to Motherless Daughters Australia for support and to connect with a community of over 5000 women who truly understand the impact of mother loss.

My Mum died when I was 14 and for many years that followed, Mother’s Day felt like some cruel joke. It wasn’t until I became a mother myself (some 18 years later) that I was able to again feel some joy on this day.

If this time of year is tough for you, as your feed and inbox is inundated with Mother’s Day posts, I want you to know that I get it.

Reach out to @motherlessdaughtersau. They have resources, information, and most importantly support.

As you know, we donate 10% profits from each sale to organisations who are doing good in the world. I am pleased to let you know that we are currently collecting for Motherless Daughters Australia.

This means, that if you have someone special in your life to spoil this Mother's Day (maybe it's your mum, your mother-in-law, a new mum, or yourself!), you can do so, and do a bit of good for those who are finding this time of year difficult.

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- Elyse

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