About Us

Combining our love for the good things in life, with the desire to help others, we are the grounded. was established with the overarching principle of making a difference.

how we make a difference.

  1. We work exclusively with suppliers who are making a positive difference in the world; from minimising single use plastics, to supporting disadvantaged youth.
  2. We donate 10% profits to charitable organisations.
  3. We use plastic-free, recycled packaging and promotional goods (yes! Even the mail bags and tape are compostable!).
  4. We help you get the warm and fuzzies; by sending your gift to your loved one, you bring them joy, you feel good, and you help us make a positive difference.


what's in a name?

The ritual of making coffee or chai first thing in the morning.

Enjoying a mindful snack.

Being connected to others.

Cultivating a sense of community.


Spreading kindness.

These are the things that make us feel grounded, or well-balanced.

We are all about that feeling of being grounded.

There is also a little irony in our name. We are the grounded. was born in the time of COVID-19. In a time when we find ourselves literally grounded and unable to see those we care about. Our hope is that by sending a little something to your loved ones during this uncertain time, you'll be reminding them that they are in your thoughts, and that we are all connected.

So, what’ll it be? Whole beans or ground? (See what we did there?!)