Ochre Ceramics

Aqua Hoops

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In one of the most famous paintings of Aphrodite she stands in an open clam shell, floating on a beautiful aqua sea. So it’s only fitting to include this exquisite pale aqua colour in this collection. The Aqua Hoops add that touch of pale blue, detailing ceramic and gold-filled beads on a simple gold hoop.

  • Measuring at roughly 2.5cm in diameter.
  • Detailing three small soft blue ceramic beads with four gold-filled beads placed in-between.
  • The hoops are made of 14kt gold filled wire.
  • Gold-filled jewellery has 100 times more gold alloy than gold-plated jewellery, meaning the layer of gold is so much thicker and tarnish resistant and won’t turn your earlobes green!
  • Ethically and sustainably handmade in Australia.

Ochre's ethos has always been to create jewellery considerately and ethically, respecting our beautiful planet, without causing it any further harm.

Ochre’s pieces are designed and handmade in Byron Bay, made from Australian stoneware clay. Paired with beautifully hand sculpted, recycled sterling silver, 14kt gold and brass findings. The clay used contains an element of paper in its clay body, allowing pieces to be both lighter in weight and stronger in body.

Ochre is jewellery that is made with love, and awareness of its footprint on the world.